“The true name of Satan, the Kabalists say, is that of Yahveh reversed; for Satan is not a black God, but the negation of God. The Devil is the personification of Atheism or Idolatry. For the Initiates, this is not a person, but a force, created for good, but which may serve for evil. It is the instrument of Liberty or free will. They represent this Force, which presides over the physical generation, under the mythologic and horned form of the God Pan; thence the he-goat of the Sabbat, brother of the Ancient Serpent, and the light bearer or Phosphor, of which the poets have made the false Lucifer of the legend.”
  - Albert Pike “Morals and Dogma“ Ancient and Accepted Rite of Free Masonry written and published in 1871. Plagiarized from Eliphas Levi's "History of Magic" published in 1860.

"Hate those that earn it, as you would love those that earn it, As Above, so below."
When the world is viewed with no set reality, the lies of society are revealed and the bonds of slavery, broken."
   - Rev. Michael S. Margolin

"Judge not, that ye not be judged."
   - Matthew 7:1 Jesus Christ

Welcome to The Sinagogue of Satan founded on 1-29-99. A religion based on the Ancient and Accepted Rite of Free Masonry’s definition of Satanism, as described in Albert Pike’s work Morals and Dogma, from which the paragraph at the top of this page was taken. This religion is not based on those of the popular Satanists of our day, Hollywood or Christian propaganda, except for Aleister Crowley. His connection with the Freemasons and the fact we took our name from a short story in his book Konx om Pax, called Thien Tao; or, The Synagogue of Satan.” Cannot be denied nor can we deny being a by-product of the Thelemic family.

As members you have the right to believe in whatever you like as long as you don’t push your beliefs on others. The aim of this religion is the ultimate destruction of religions through the advancement of individual freedom and social responsibility. The philosophy of SoS undermines all existing religions including our own. Thus the SoS Philosophy is based on a paradox, much like the Tao.

By not having any set reality or belief you are not trapped by their rules, and are free to start making your own. This is freedom, the breaking away from the status quo, much like when Satan broke ranks from God and became the first revolutionist. It’s funny how governments promote god worship when most modern governments owe their existence to Freemasonry and revolution, the dream of freedom, the spirit of Satan. It’s no wonder governments and religions, actively partake in propaganda against Satanism for they truly fear being overthrown. As for America, Satanism is Americanism, for America supports freedom of religion in the same Masonic context that SoS does. Though certain religions in America attempt to combat this, our wonderful constitution, (written by Freemasons) prevents them from achieving their goals. Enslavement in any form religious or otherwise is un-American. Therefore I declare any and all religious groups that do not support freedom of religion, un-American. Also certain fads or movements that harass people for their personal choices such as hairstyle, piercing, sex, tattoos, music and much more are also un-American. Yes SoS reaches far past the United States boarders. And no, unlike my government, I’m not trying spread the American culture to other countries. But I am trying to spread the Light of Phosphor, the light of freedom throughout the world.

I obtained legal recognition for this mass manipulation scheme From the State of California and The Federal government of the United States of America, by utilizing my authority as an Ordained Minister of Universal Life Church Ministries (U.L.C.M). U.L.C.M., the Unitarians and the new Satanic unity movement, accept most faiths, but are predominately Christian or stylized Satanist in nature and actually exist to enslave you.

As you can clearly see, I learned a little bit from their game and used it to turn the tide in Satan's favor. Rather in your favor as consumers of prepackaged mail-order religions/realities. You can see although we are predominately Satanic/Thelemic/Masonic in nature SoS accepts all Religious Beliefs, Styles, Races, Cultures, Ideologies, Nationalities, Sexuality's etc. etc. As long as those that wish to join accept the premise that each individual has the undeniable right to his or her choice of reality no matter what you're personal religion or choice dictates. We do not try to sway you into accepting Atheism, Freemasonry, Satanism, or Thelemism, for that is not our aim or goal. Our aim and goal is freedom as it always will be.

We offer a system to surf realities/beliefs, as you will, without being engulfed, submersed, suppressed, or subservient to any of them including ours. We are a “Free” Church in all the possible definitions of the word. And freedom is only found in the mind, for the physical world and its systems, such as society bind us. With freedom comes a great responsibility to our neighbors in this society. For as seen so many times, one mans freedom becomes another mans slavery.

As Members of SoS I ask you to view reality/beliefs as the unalienable right of every one. But I do support your full-blown assaults on those that would infringe upon your rights, as long as you execute your attacks in a legal and productive manner. (We do not turn the other Cheek, unless it’s to buy time to smite with discretion). Hopefully by your mannerisms, diplomacy and actions more people might see that freedom is not evil and people can be socially responsible without a threat of hell, jail or ostracism. Please do remember it is their right to live and die in a fairy tale just as it is your right to live and die, as you will. Besides, tolerance is not acceptance, you don't have to like someone or thing to tolerate them or it.

Now, one last thing, we ask you to abide by the laws of your countries and local governments as they pertain to you and to take an active role in changing them as you feel is needed.

 “Tune in, Turn on, Take over!” {Revised Timothy Leary saying}

 “Tune in.” Learn about your political system and environment.

 “Turn on.” Learn to use the system and your understanding of the environment involved.

 “Take over.” Manipulate and change the system and environment as needed for social advancement and freedom.

SoS has ambassador and priesthood positions. These are reserved for SoS members that accept the SoS religion as well with their own personal belief system. Members of other beliefs are not allowed this privilege, for they can obtain such status through other groups. Ambassadors and priest/priestess positions exist to serve the members, not to be served by them. For more information on these positions see: "Structure / Goals and more".

SoS exists to give subcultures and minority religions a legal connection to their beliefs that can be used in a court of law if the need arises. Such as housing, job discrimination and harassment. And insuring religious rights while in the military services. SoS is also known as "The Hermit Path". We exist for all the people in this world that enjoy their independence in all aspects of life. Until now this vast number of individuals lacked a legal connection to their religious rights. Governments and societies ignore the needs of the individual and cater only to mainstream groups they find acceptable for the society. By creating this religion I have forged a path that all may tread, thus giving the once voiceless a voice and the once weak, strength in numbers. SoS is not affiliated with any other satanic groups and is not bound by any other group's authority. We do however have a close relationship with the E.G.C. within Ordo Templi Orientis, They were kind enough to grant us the right to use and adapt E.G.C. rituals for SoS needs and for this I'm eternally grateful, for we are the only satanic group to have a connection with an order of antiquity and Freemasonry. Yes I am an inactive O.T.O. member and they still have my love, respect and support, but my view of the world cannot be restricted by any one system, therefore I am a hermit.

SoS is for free thinking independent people. If you prefer a more closed-minded, stringent reality than SoS, our religion is probably not for you and I ask you please refrain from joining. SoS makes no claims as far as the "True Satanic path" or any "True Way". I created this religion for people to think and grow for themselves and at their own pace with the power of like minded people to support them. We make no claims of superiority nor do we war with other groups, unless it‘s a case of defense. Never in the history of man has there ever been an organized religion set up in this manner. All our predecessors have bound their members in some way or another. "The Word of Sin is Restriction." Therefore we do not demand our members uphold any system or belief.

In the Members section you will find the SoS holy book, “Liber Of The Goat”. This work is not mandatory to accept, unless you apply for ambassador or priesthood status in the SoS. It is merely offered to our members as an alternative holy book and is owned by SoS and no others. We are not trying to create a church of unity; we merely support the rights of diversity and of the individual to achieve freedom. Unity implies a code or system to maintain the peace. Cooperation between diverse realities is not unity but fraternity. SoS is not a utopian movement in any way shape or form. I cannot stress this point enough.

SoS also contains a very broad and diverse resource and link section. Though many organizations are on our link list, we affiliate with none of them. We are autonomous and show no loyalty to anyone but ourselves. We do support and accept all religions right to exist but we do not entangle our freedom in the politics, ethics and actions of other groups. SoS has many features such as a free email service, message boards, online store, member's area and a chat line. Our members are worldwide so our chat room attendance varies due to time zones. I try to visit and give people my time and classes as my time allows.

We have no central temple or lodge. Our priests/priestesses and ambassadors often hold meetings and classes in their homes and online. Please be respectful guests for none of us accept money for our time and services this is also new as far as religions go. Our work and attendance is a “Labor Of Love” not monitory advancement. Since our birth on 1-29-99 we have received many attacks by other groups but we do not retaliate too much and when we do it’s usually with Satanic humor. For we understand that our system is a threat to all current systems of beliefs. We do not wish to threaten any other belief but we do wish to finally have in our possession a “Free Church For A Change!”

Following this brief introduction is a list of commonly asked questions I have answered. If you have any questions please feel free to write me at: rev@sosatan.zzn.com

In ending, I say to you all, “Hail the World, Hail America, Hail Satan!


Your High Priest,

Rev. Michael S. Margolin

The Mad Poet Acbhb

Frater Inferior

Baphomet Rex 666


Questions and Answers

Statement: "Hey man you spelled Synagogue wrong."
Reply: We spell it Sinagogue because we wanted to capture the word sin, and didn't want a connection with previous terms, like church, circle, lodge, order, oasis, shrine, society, synagogue, temple etc. We wanted a new religious name for a new religion. Call it poetic license if you will. To top it off, it’s not offensive to the Jewish population or my grandparents.

Question: "What do you mean you formed this church out of necessity?"
I have joined a lot, a lot, a shit load, of religious groups that preached freedom of individuality. But after I met my new friends I found something quite familiar.

 The usual group ego that either absorbs destroys or expels those strong in their will.

 Ego food for some narcissist or megalomaniac.

 Money scam, the higher you get to the top the more it costs you, or just the outright give us your property.

 The control freak scenario of anti occult propaganda, which by the way is the exact opposite of what those groups claimed they were about. The writings of the creators of the beliefs were quite different than those in practice. So after becoming disgusted with my pursuit for a religion that promotes freedom of the individual I became a legal minister and created one.

Statement: "You're stupid! You should use the tax-exempt status and live off these idiots!"
Reply: That's what all the religions have been doing since the dawn of history. I wanted to make a new religion not another old one. A religion by the members for the members and each and every member, a respected individual and participant with the unalienable right to their personnel reality or belief.

Question: "Why Satanist?"
Answer: Satan was the first revolutionist. Therefore, Satan as defined in morals and dogma, is the perfect figurehead for a revolutionary religion. His act of rebellion was the first allegory of freedom. So I use his image as the symbolic representation of our aims and goals.

Statement: "Anton LaVey created and defined Satanism in the 60's. Satanism did not exist before then."
Answer: Satanism did exist before then, OK not Anton's Satanism but another far older form as you will see now.
Jules Bois "La Satanisme et la Magie" published 1895 Bois declares that there are three Satans: the Satan of the poor dispossed who turn to him for consolation; the Satan worshiped for perverse pleasure by depraved and rich people; and finally, the Satan of the dilettantes who are drawn away from true religion by an intellctual interset in mysticism. He defines Satanism as anything that departs from the worship of One God. [this was taken from Chapter 18 "Satanists and Anti-Satanists" Eliphas Levi and the French Occult Revival. Thus, the whole "Satanism did not exist" until LaVey invented it is merely the propaganda engine of a philosophy based on an objective reality, as you can see now through our subjective reality. This form of attempted control of reality is the same trick religions have been using for centuries including killing people for saying the world is round.
My co-founder and I wanted to make a new religion, not another old one, and as you can see, we achieved our goal.

Please feel free to use the message boards, not only for discussions, but to post your web sites and any updates, events, occult items, music, advertisements and information you think others may enjoy.

Satan's blessings to you all!